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Founded in 1928 as The Heston Ratepayer’s Association

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Meetings are held at the Heston Community Centre Vicarage Farm Road on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm. Except August.


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Heston Residents Association was founded in 1928 by a group of local residents to ensure that the needs of a fast growing residential community were provided for.  The opening of the Great West Road in the 1920’s had made Heston an attractive area to live which is why many of today’s estates were built in the 1930’s.


During the 1930’s facilities to meet the needs of the people such as schools, the swimming pool, the library and were all built.  These facilities have undergone various changes and the schools have been expanded to accommodate continued population growth.  Where facilities have aged to the extent where they are no longer fit for purpose and replacement has become necessary.  The process has already started with a new leisure complex including a new library, swimming pool and fitness centre.


All of these changes have been reported in our monthly Residents Association Magazine  - “The RAM”, which is published monthly (except August).  The magazine provides the latest updates on current issues for Heston, details of the latest planning applications, reminiscences of historical Heston and articles of general interest.


The Heston Residents Association has a membership of some 590 households and meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the Heston Community Centre throughout the year (except August).  The meetings usually include a guest speaker from organisations such as the police, our local councillors, Heathrow Airport and companies planning significant developments in the Heston and Cranford Area.


The Association continues to impress on the local authority the need for change to be properly considered and to ensure that the views of local residents are carefully considered before changes are implemented.


Membership of the Association is open to all who are interested in the welfare and development of the Heston and Cranford area.  Membership is based on a minimum donation of £5.  All members receive a complimentary copy of The Ram every month except August.


For further information on membership of the Association, or to express your views on issues of concern to Heston residents please click here.         



If you require the police they can be contacted on the following numbers.

Anti Terrorist hotline             0800 789321

Crimestoppers                       0800 555111

none emergency reports     101


All emergencies                     999