Founded in 1928 as The Heston Ratepayer’s Association

Heston Residents Association

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Below is an Image of a captured German plane which crashed at the top of Fern Lane after taking off from Heston. The British pilot survived the crash. The phone box on the right in picture was removed recently.

Heston Aerodrome opened in 1929 after being built by the company owned by Nigel Norman and Alan Muntz  called Airwork Ltd. 

It operated very succesfully for Private Flying, Military Operations, Commercial Operations, Flight Record Attempts and Resident Aircraft Manufacturers. Along with Garden Parties, Air Displays and Public Demonstrations of new aircraft.

After the 2nd world War the airfield was closed in 1947.

In 1929 the King's Cup was run from Heston and was won by R.L.R. Atcherley

In 1931 the King's Cup air race was run from Heston which was won by E.C.T. Edwards

Heston Aerodrome

Left, Shows the video of Neville Chamberlain

on his return to Heston Aerodrome

on 30th September 1938